6 Reasons I’m a Bad Traveler


I’m a Picky Eater

I don’t like sea food, I can’t eat dairy and I don’t really eat a lot of meat. Most foods make me sick, and on top of that, I don’t really like the taste.  One of the biggest parts of traveling is tasting and eating new foods. You need to be open to traditional dishes that you might not normally try, and it can often be seen as insulting to refuse.

This can not only be limiting you you, but to your travel experience. The only real solution to this is to suck it up, and try it anyway. Even though I’m usually right when I think that I’m not going to like something, I try it anyway. You have to make an effort to try everything, because every once in awhile… you will be lucky enough to find something that you really love!


I’m Shy

Seriously, I can be incredibly anti-social, especially in large groups. It’s not always something that bothers me, because I prefer to listen more than I talk. But, when it comes to traveling (and travel blogging) it is pretty essential that I be sociable and friendly–especially because I usually travel alone. When you tavel you meet locals, as well as other travelers. If you don’t talk to these people; 1) you will likely never learn anything about the place that you are in, 2) you will probably get pretty lonely.

The solution is something that I set myself up for–I travel alone. I find that I am more social when I am completely alone. Even if I travel with only one friend, for some reason, I end up being even less social. It has nothing to do with sticking to what I know, it has more to do with the fact that I feel it’s what THEY are used to. Clearly, I am too worried about what other people think.. but that’s just how it is. My best trips have always been ones where I traveled alone.


I Run Away

Whenever something is bothering me, I want to get away from it. Maybe this isn’t unlike your average person’s urge to leave an undesirable situation, but I tend to make it a little more extreme than that. It doesn’t matter if my problem isn’t in my physical location, I just feel the need to change the entire atmosphere around me. It might just be the distraction, but I seem to feel better when I don’t recognize my surroundings.

This isn’t good because is can result in last minute and unplanned travelling, which could leave me feeling even more stressed out, not to mention broke! A solution to this could be planning future travels before acting. Planning travel can time consuming and actually quite exhausting. However, it is the perfect way to distract yourself and get your mind off of other things. You will still be going on that trip but it will be organized, less expensive and perhaps at a time when you are more emotionally stable.


I Never Feel Satisfied

This might be something that every true traveller feels, which is why we continue to travel. We don’t want to see one country, we want to see an entire continent. We don’t want to see one continent, we want to see the entire world. When I travel, I do often fall in love with places, and do truly enjoy my time spent there. But–then I want to go back; I want to see more. If I spent a week there, I want to spend a month. If I spent a month, I want to go back for a year. The same thing happens with areas explored. Even though I’ve been from coast to coast, including 9 provinces in Canada, I still want to see more. I want to see the entirety of each province. I want to see the 10th province, and the three territories. I’m never satisfied with what I’ve accomplished so far.

This isn’t good because it is something that will never go away. It won’t matter how old I get, I will always want more. There will likely come a time when I am unable to continue travelling, and then what? I will become miserable with what will likely be a great life, and constantly yearn for more. A solution to this is making the most out of each trip. If you’re only spending a short period of time in a location, try to pack as much as you can into that period. It may be a little stressful, but it will leave you feeling more accomplished in the end. If you can only make one country in your trip, explore that country thoroughly, until there’s nothing left for you to discover. You may never be fully satisfied, but this can be the tofu to your steak.


I’m a Light Sleeper


This one might seem a bit silly, but being a light sleeper can really effect your entire travelling experience. Without enough sleep, you are never fully energized and ready to explore. If you are awake throughout the night, you are going to be tired during the way, and perhaps even waste time napping. On top of being a light sleeper, I also suffer from occasional periods of insomnia. It takes me hours to fall asleep (I’m talking “going to bed” at midnight, and not falling asleep until 4am), and then I still wake up early in the morning. After weeks of sleepless nights, jet lag can become extreme and every once in awhile, I just end up crashing for a couple of days straight.

Unfortunately this is the one problem I have never really found a solution to. I’ve tried eye masks and ear plugs, but they just annoy me and keep me awake. I’ve tried sleeping pills, but they make it difficult to wake up in the morning, and they are quite addictive. Light sleeping and insomnia are just things that I will have to deal with during my travels, and perhaps I will just have to be sure to plan a few days rest every once in awhile.


I Don’t Like Goodbyes

I meet a lot of people when I travel, and often become quite attached to new friends. The problem with making new friends while travelling is that you always have to say goodbye. It may not be forever, but those are usually the hardest goodbyes. When you know that you want to see those people again, but you have no idea when that will happen. I still have friends that I met while travelling seven years ago, some that I would even consider best friends. I may only see them once every couple of years, and the goodbyes get harder every time.

This isn’t good because there is no way around saying goodbye. You (or they) will always have to leave, and you will always have to say goodbye. You could try to shut yourself off from becoming attached to people, but then you will never truly experience what travel really is. A solution is to think positively. Make plans to meet up in the future and keep in contact (easy enough with social media these days). The great thing about international friends is that when you do see them, it feels like you never lost the time in between.

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