9 Travel Rules You Should Always Break

When it comes to travelling there’s no rule book, per say, however, lately, people have established certain travel ‘rules,’ which are thought to assist them on their journey and help them to travel smart. However, we think rules of any kind, especially when it comes to travelling, only limits one’s experiences and opportunities. We believe that people should travel in a way that works for them – even if it doesn’t align with the mainstream way of jetting around the world. While there are many norms and ‘rules’, we have identified eight for now – eight rules that should always be broken!

  1. Rule to Break: Only Travel to Affordable Places

This seems like a no-brainer, and we agree that you should try and save wherever possible, however, we don’t believe that you should limit yourself – only visiting affordable places, just because you’re on a budget. This rule is saying one cannot jet off to New York or any other ‘pricey place’, because it doesn’t align with their financial situation. It’s good advice, however, they don’t remind you that you can look for bargains and that there are indeed places that cater for budget travelers. Break the rules, and go wherever your heart desires, regardless of how ‘expensive’ it’s said to be. Do your homework, and find the bargains – they’re out there!

2. Rule to Break: Travel with a Companion

While it may be a lot more fun to travel with a companion, there’s nothing wrong with being a solo-traveler. Most solo-travelers wouldn’t have it any other way – they enjoy venturing around on their own and meeting new people along their way. Travelling alone is a liberating experience which gives one the chance to fully connect with themselves, and the foreign territory around them.

3. Rule to Break: Visit Well-Known Destinations

Well-known destinations can be classified as those destinations that seem to either be the ‘it’ places to travel to, or the big cities like London. Don’t push aside the places that are off the beaten track. Consider places that are unique and are not being ‘over-done’, such as Africa – where you can embark on a safari and get up close and personal with wildlife, or experience the awe-inspiring terrain of Iceland, or the rolling dunes of Namibia. Think outside the box – and don’t feel obliged to travel to the places that everyone else is travelling to.

4. Rule to Break: Draw up a Travel Itinerary

Being organised when travelling is not a bad thing, in fact, we encourage it. However, drawing up a detailed travel itinerary usually leaves very little space for spontaneity – which is essential! We suggest – if you’re one that likes to plan thoroughly – to not fill up your day to day schedules to the brim. Perhaps plan one or two things for each day, and then leave some time for the unknown. Any traveler will tell you that spontaneity is vital when you travel!

6. Rule to Break: Package Holidays are the Best Way to Travel

Package holidays, although they are supposedly ‘more affordable’, usually come with their own itinerary. Signing up for a package holiday, which has been put together by someone else – with activities, accommodation and sometimes restaurants already mapped out, you end up with little say on how you want to spend your trip. You are obliged to do and see the things that have been included in the package, whether it was part of your original plan or not. There are more cons to package holidays, than there are pros. Independent travel gives you a lot more freedom to see and do what you want, in your own time and at your own steam. And, don’t let the cheap prices of the package holidays fool you, remember that if you do your homework, you can find the bargains yourself.

7. Rule to Break: Do as Much as You Can, In the Time You’re There

Of course you want to see and do as much as you can while you’re in a certain place, but you also don’t want to tire yourself out by doing too much, in a short space of time. After all, you go on holiday to also relax and wind down, too – turning your trip into a rat-race, racing against the clock, just to tick off your must do and must-see list, is defeating the object. You don’t want to get home feeling like you need a holiday! Do what you can, and when you’ve had enough – take a breather. Perhaps prioritise the things you want to do and see, so that you don’t miss the things you really wanted to experience, while there. Keep the list realistic, so that you don’t burn out!

8. Rule to Break: Visit Places Where your Mother Tongue is Spoken

Visiting a destination that speaks your language, will definitely make your travels easier – but there’s a lot more fun (and learning) in visiting a place that speaks a foreign language. Don’t be put off by destinations where your mother tongue is not going to be understood – there’s an app for everything, remember!

9. Rule to Break: Travel to Destinations that Have Good Reviews

Travel wherever YOU want to travel. Reviews are just opinions, and everyone’s experience is going to be different. Our bit of advice to you is to not look at reviews – perhaps research travel tips, but I wouldn’t recommend looking up reviews as they may change your mind, set you on the wrong path, or give you a distorted idea of a place.

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