Autumn in Southampton


I’m not sure what took me so long, but I finally downloaded the WordPress app on my phone.

I’m going to try it out over the next little while, and if I like it, you can expect a lot more frequent updates again.

Less travels these days, as I’m based in Southampton, ON now, but still a ton of pretty nature, hiking, hammocking, everything outdoor adventure in Bruce County.

Here are some of my fave shots from Autumn so far:


DBAEB638-8CF9-4FC1-B250-FED01742039B.jpg IMG_5697.JPG ADA3A0AE-614F-45E4-A98F-1BEF4C48B912.jpg IMG_5908.JPG

Gemma & I were early for a vet appt, so we went for a walk around Fairy Lake.

F8832C36-76D5-4167-B032-FF293D2C4F8A.jpg 54413A0B-0A89-4F97-B6F0-22D6180EF07D.jpg EC852B6B-6A20-4406-A8FD-68E1355682E4.jpg FDF463DA-14D2-476E-A8A9-93F640A5C6BC.jpg EE819880-33FB-4C7D-B8E9-F6D0796BF0C7.jpg IMG_5607.JPG

Loving my Treble Hammock.


Orie likes to sleep in the dogs’ water bowl.


Went for a rainy day drive with Wade to chase storm clouds.

74380490-AD0C-45A0-A365-B46CB580A399.jpg BCD2104F-7412-4110-9F6F-ED243C3F0AD7.jpg




And then we ran into this monster.


I went to Fairy Lake to watch the sunset after the storm.

IMG_5852.JPG 948E156B-B3C9-429B-AA65-C478EA20D66D.jpg AE889723-E839-4A9A-AC38-361230C84420.jpg IMG_6003.JPG

Wade leaves for work at 4:30 am every day, so that’s what time I get up too. Benefits, daily sunrise :]

IMG_5918.JPG F91256A0-306D-4F6D-84A7-03D14631958B.jpg IMG_5961.JPG

We had snow in October, and then 23C days in November. Weird Autumn.


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