Barbados Through Instagram

With the introduction of Instagram’s new embed option, I am creating Instagram posts for all of the trips I go on.

Here are Instagrams from my recent trip to Barbados at the Club Barbados Resort & Spa.


Island hopping. I’ve left Trinidad behind and am now standing on the beautiful pink sand beach at @theclubbarbados in Barbados


Things I definitely wasn’t expecting to be delivered to my door today : Rum — Thanks @theclubbarbados


Today’s office view at @theclubbarbados


@theclubbarbados doesn’t even need the sun to make a sunset look good. This is through the clouds. You can expect plenty of these over the next few days.


View from Cherry Tree Hill on an Island tour with @theclubbarbados


Window to Animal Flower Cave on tour with @theclubbarbados


Surfer at Bathsheba Beach on the northeast coast of Barbados, on an island tour with @theclubbarbados


Seaside rainbows.


Yesterday our tour guide from @theclubbarbados aid something I quite liked, “This is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one performance in this life. You might as well live it to the fullest”. Agreed.


Exploring Bridgetown #theclubbarbados


Shoes, anyone? #theclubbarbados


I just went snorkeling with five sea turtles at @theclubbarbados


Wandering around the market in Bridgetown #theclubbarbados


Another amazing sunset at @theclubbarbados


The coral-limestone clock tower through the green cast iron railing of the neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown, Barbados #theclubbarbados


Bajan retirees.


I take all of my Instagram photos with an iPhone4 unless otherwise stated
and use PicTapGo for post processing.

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