How to Book a Good Airport Taxi Service in Seattle

The mesmerizing city of Seattle

Looking to tour the city of Seattle this time? Whether you are travelling on business or undertaking family vacation, Seattle taxi is the fabulous way to be around. Taxi is much more flexible than bus services since it needs no account as the car sharing companies require. Although Seattle is not the taxi-centric place, it has made major strides. There is no need to step out into a curb and whistle to the taxi for its services. The nightlife initiative in Seattle has made finding the taxi easy. It is not recommended to hail the taxi from anywhere on the sidewalk, but much better to call up the professional taxi company for the booking. Apart from this, one can also enquire the hotel about taxis. Either the hotel can assist you or you may book the Seattle Airport taxi online.

Follow the tips on booking airport taxi service

Seattle has many transportation methods and most important one is taxi. Follow the tips below:

  • When you book taxi services for airport transfers, it is best not to call the company during the peak hours between 12 and 2pm.
  • In order to split the fair and save money, you can travel along with your companions for the same charge of single passenger.
  • The vehicle you get must bear a yellow sticker in the rear window screen and front window screen of the taxi.
  • Always make advance booking of the taxi for improved safety.
  • Make sure you get the licensed cab only
  • Before taking up the service, ask about the colour of the cab, enquire about the name of the driver and, always check with the company before moving on with the driver. Make sure you get services from the right driver.
  • Know about the destination postcode from beforehand. You need to be ready with the postcode prior to the vehicle arrives.
  • Stay away from the illegal and bogus taxi drivers. The legal taxi driver is pre-booked and will never approach anyone to offer a ride.

Steps in booking airport taxi service

There are various steps involved in booking airport taxi service. With the advent of the internet, now you can book the taxi in just 1 minute or 60 seconds. You just need to find the most reliable website online from where you will book the taxi. Online cab booking has just transformed the way passengers commute. To make the taxi booking, you need to use the online apps. Just download the application, enter your pick up location, the destination details and book the taxi. You can either make payment for the fare with online bank transfer or simply pay cash after receiving the service.

If the hotel is already providing you a complementary pick and drop facility, you need not book the vehicle. Check out with the hotel, your travel package and proceed accordingly. Also, if you have been looking for an airport taxi in Seattle, log on to If you want to know more about what you can explore in Seattle, check this YouTube video.

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