A Guide to the Sights of the Turkish Riviera

A Guide to the Sights of the Turkish Riviera

Perhaps the most popular blue cruise- private yacht charter- along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey is from blue cruise turkey olympos fethiye. Why chose a blue cruise? Well, here’s why.

Destination Delights

Olympos is a party town that welcomes locals and foreigners from all walks of life to enjoy pebbled beaches and ancient rock tombs left behind by the Lycians. Forests that surround the small town are filled with the smells and fruits of pine, bay and fig trees among so many others.

Demre is the home of St. Nicholas, the man who has been immortalized in the tales of Santa Clause or Noel Baba, Father Christmas.

The partially sunken city of Kekova is the perfect backdrop for holiday selfies and walking among ancient civilizations. The town of Simena, or Kalekoy, is the place for a beautiful hike  up to a castle built in the Middle Ages by the Byzantines.

Kas is a charming location to swim, dive or shop for Turkish treasures. Artisan shops along the marina sell local handmade crafts alongside flip flops, bikinis and food markets.

A stop in Aquarium Bay will show the diversity of the marine life in these seas with an up close and personal experience via snorkeling or diving. Just swimming in this beautiful bay is enough to absorb the delights this part of the world has to offer.

Home to over 100 species of butterflies, Butterfly Valley is the perfect retreat for nature lovers and hippies. Construction is banned here, so pitch a tent and sleep in mother nature’s arms.

A Guide to the Sights of the Turkish Riviera

Oludeniz and the famed Blue Lagoon welcome visitors with warm blue water that gently rolls onto the shores. Grab a chez lounge and pass the time reading a book while sipping a chilled glass of wine or rent a paddle boat and explore what other holiday goers are doing on the surrounding beaches.

The best way to understand the beauty of this area is by paragliding from Babadag Mountain. If flying high in the sky isn’t your cup of tea, then go to Zirve Café at the top of the mountain and enjoy a cold beer with your feet firmly on the ground.

Visual Stimulation

Kyaneai (in Demre) is an idyllic place to have a picnic alongside ancient ruins. Flora grows into the small pre-Roman amphitheater, which is somewhat well-preserved despite being so old. Boasting the most stone tombs, over 300, this site was popular for both the Lycians and Romans.

For professional and amateur divers, Kas is the ultimate paradise. The Uluburun shipwreck dating back to the late Bronze era has all but grown into the seabed. A WWII bomber plane is also near Kas, however it lies at 58 meters deep so only experienced divers may reach this incredible site.

Aquarium Bay is where aquatic life displays all the colors of the Mediterranean. Grab snorkeling gear and swim with colorful clownfish, bright orange sponges, stunning blue damsel fish, the occasional octopus, and if you’re lucky a loggerhead sea turtle or two.

One of the most frequently visited places for Eco tourists and day trippers is beautiful Butterfly Valley, which is only reached by boat. Camping, trekking, canoeing, swimming and diving are a just a few of the activities awaiting you at this nature preserve.

Oludeniz or the dead sea, gets the aptly provided name as the sea around these beaches are, well dead calm. This area is great for families and singles as there are many beaches to choose from such as Belcekiz and Sea Horse beach. Oludeniz is purported to be the one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

A Guide to the Sights of the Turkish Riviera

The last stop on the blue cruise will anchor at the island of St. Nicholas, the assumed resting place of the famous St. Nick. Five churches dating from the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries remain on the island for history buffs to explore. A highlight of spending the night here is watching the sunset from the top of the hill.

Taking a blue cruise with Alaturka Cruises for your summer holiday will not disappoint! There is no better way to explore the beautiful blue seas surrounding the Turkish Riviera than on a private yacht.

Written by Amy Hume for Alaturka Cruises

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