Most Luxurious Hong Kong and Bangkok Spa Vacations

The spas of today are introducing cutting edge technologies and treatments with influences from all over the world in an effort to attract even the most discerning of customers. Spa goers expect to experience the unique and unusual touches beyond just the hot oil massage of yesterday. Hong Kong is one city that has all the fascinating history and culture, but also some of the most luxurious amenities in the world. There are a number of luxury five star hotel spas where you can expect to get all of the trimmings or simply experience a peaceful retreat to escape the daily grind of ordinary life. In addition to the luxurious spas the city offers a number of other activities to enjoy, have fun, and let loose of all your stress and worries.

Thailand is another great luxury spa destination and one that is famous for massage. In fact, massage is available on the beach, on the street, and even in the night markets; it is a part of Thai culture. Quality luxury spas with a wide range of sophisticated treatments are also available in the Thai capital of Bangkok. These treatments target various body areas and may utilize therapeutic aids like hot stones or herb balls. The luxury spas will combine oil massage with Thai techniques on Western style massage beds. Thai massage has a long history, influenced by Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian medicine. The techniques combine passive stretching and gentle, but sometimes firm pressure to relieve joint and muscular tension. It is also meant to stimulate internal organs as well as balance the body’s energy system.

While visiting one of Bangkok’s luxury spa resorts you could find yourself sightseeing and doing a bit of shopping in the morning, having a light lunch, and then retreating to the spa during the hot afternoon. Here are some of the most luxurious spa resorts in Hong Kong and Bangkok, as well as some of the other things you can do in the areas to make the most of the vacation.


Luxurious Spas in Hong Kong 

Pick one of these most luxurious spas in Hong Kong to experience some truly physical or spiritual pampering:

Elemis Day Spa is one of the internationally recognisable Elemis spa branches known for luxury treatments. The Hong Kong branch is gloriously pampering with collagen therapy, facials, massage, and waxing for everyone who has a desire to relax, restore, and/or beautify their bodies. You can rest assured that the minute you walk into this establishment you will feel thoroughly pampered, experiencing the wonderfully luxurious treatments as well as the ambiance, which is equally luxurious and sumptuous.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Oriental Spa has an award winning design that centres on elements of water, fire, earth, and wood. The luxury boutique spa experience focuses on creating what the spa refers to as a “cocoon of serenity”. One of their signature treatments is a head to toe treatment performed by two therapists called Oriental Harmony. You will exit from this treatment involving a salt scrub and simultaneous head and foot massage feeling rejuvenated and fantastic.

The Kadampa Meditation Centre is a luxury spa offering a spiritual sort of spa experience in place of the traditional facials, massages, and beautification. The focus at this facility is on inner beauty and finding peace as well as gaining a better understanding on how to live life better. The centre spreads the teachings of the Buddha and helps you to understand how to incorporate these teachings into your everyday life. There are weekend retreats, meditation courses, drop in classes, and in-depth study intended to help soothe your soul.

I-Spa is located within the Intercontinental hotel and offers luxury and privacy with a private Jacuzzi in each spa room. There is an extensively wide range of traditional Chinese inspired massages, facials, and treatments offered at the rooftop pool. This spa even offers options for children, making it a great choice for families.

ESPA Peninsula Spa is the flagship Asian establishment for the ESPA brand. The luxury spa offers all of the trimmings you would expect with a “Garden of Eden” theme. Relaxing in this setting is effortless with unique jungle showers, ice and thermal baths, and a wide range of treatments by highly trained therapists. Unusual to any spa in the world is the ratio of therapists to guests, which is about three-to-one at this spa. The spa suites also have wonderfully enjoyable and immense views over Hong Kong.


Other Things to do in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has an international reputation for luxury and the exotic, making it the ideal destination for a number of activities that include:

  • A romantic get-a-way to experience the Spring Lantern Festival

  • Going to the Hong Kong romantic spot, The Peak, to view the iconic Hong Kong skyline (Tip: Add a bit of old school colonial glamour by taking the historic Peak Tram to The Peak)
  • Setting sail in the city’s beautiful harbour on one of the quintessential junk boats to take in the sunset and the 360 degree view of the skyline (Tip: For a more cost-effective option choose the Star Ferry that traverses from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon)
  • Taking a day trip to one of the many Macau casinos for a bit of fun and excitement (Tip: Take note of common casino games like Blackjack ahead of time so you don’t look like a novice and also improve your time there when playing)

  • Going hiking in Hong Kong’s topography provides nature lover’s ample opportunities for exploring the wilderness (Tip: For scenic and simple walks pick the walk up Mount Butler/Mount Parker, walk up to The Peak, or walk along Dragon’s Back to Shek O)
  • Eating some of the best Chinese cooking in the world. The city has accredited restaurants that range from high-end to street stalls with a variety quality dining options with an array of international cuisine (Tip: For dinner or cocktails with a view try one of the world famous rooftop restaurants or bars like Nanhai No. 1 or Hooray Bar)


Luxurious Spas in Bangkok 

Retreat to one of these luxurious spas to create a perfect Bangkok day:

The Oasis spa is set in a tranquil colonial Bangkok location with ponds, lawns, and ancient trees. The atmosphere is a gracious blend of modern amenities and timeless Thai hospitality. The treatments, ranging from facials, hot stones and herb balls for restoring harmony to the digestive system, take place in small private villas.

The Opium Spa at the Siam has an award winning theatrical and multi-storey reception area. There are chemical free impeccable treatments offered at this luxury urban riverside resort. After a treatment you can enjoy high tea or an ambitious cup of elephang dung coffee in the cafe or some wonderful Thai food at the restaurant Chon.

Breeze spa offers unique treatments that are specifically designed to your needs, like the signature Breeze mood massage. The treatment has an array of outcomes including rejuvenated, invigorated, dreamy, serene, or energized with matching music and pressure, oil, and body focus areas specified by you. The spa itself is airy and contemporary with immaculate treatment rooms. If you want to tailor your spa treatments, this is the place to go. If you are not sure which options to choose, the benefits and choices will be thoroughly explained, making the experience completely stress free and just what you need.

The Okura Spa is distinguished by its nature toned luxury. It is located on the 25th floor of the Okura Prestige hotel, providing panoramic views of central Bangkok. The signature treatment is the “Ta-ke Relief”, which is a deep tissue oil massage while using heated Japanese bamboo rods. Drawing on the principles of acupuncture it combines warmth and pressure to relieve muscular tension. You will also enjoy the steam and sauna facilities as well as the attentive staff. 


Other Things to do in Bangkok 

  • Take a dinner cruise on the Chao Praya River. Bangkok at night is a wonder to behold. Witness the shimmering temples and glistening skyscrapers while wining and dining in luxurious surroundings. There are a number of them to choose from including Bangkok Grand Pearl Cruise and Wanfah Dinner Cruise. (Tip: The river is particularly beautiful at dusk so try taking a cruise at this time to witness the twilight casting golden shadows across Wat Arun.)
  • Plan to spend an entire day at the Chatuchak Weedend Market. It is among the largest markets in the world and sells just about everything buyable including antiques, handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing and accessories, housewares and décor, and even pets and gardening plants. There are Thai-style eating and snacking restaurants and food stalls to keep you hydrated and nourished as you shop. (Tip: If you need a bit of a break from the heat of the day, pop into the air-conditioning at Toh-Plue)
  • If you are up for an interesting and adventurous experience visit Escape Hunt Bangkok. It is a murder live mystery puzzle game and is one of the most enjoyable activities in central Bangkok. Two to five players of ages seven and up piece together evidence while working against the clock. (Tip: Put this on the itinerary as something the entire family can experience and enjoy together.)
  • Visit Wat Arun, the striking temple that dates back to Bangkok’s early history. It was established as a royal palace and a temple to house the Emerald Buddha. (Tip: Cross-river ferries run over to Wat Arun form Tha Tien frequently. Also, you can catch beautiful sunset vies of the temple compound from the riverfront warehouses that line Th Maha Rat.)
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