Mexico Through Instagram

Having never been to Mexico before, I was pretty excited and a little snap-happy with my iPhone last week.

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Here are all of the images from my Instagram gallery from the trip:


This seat is worth the 4am wakeup call for this early morning @AirTransat flight. Why can’t I always fly Club Class? Now.. where could I be off to?


Morning Mimosas on @airtransat.


It’s Beer O’Clock in Mexico.


Lunch time at Rio Secreto.


I have spent the last hour sitting here, getting mesmerized by the waves.


Drinking a “Miami Vice”, half daiquiri, half piña colada.


Lagoon explorations.


Today I climbed to the top of the Ek Balam pyramid. The ancient city predates Chichen Itza and is made up of 45 structures including a ball court, an arch marking the end of an ancient Sacbe and many stone carved monuments. Getting down the pyramid was not as easy as climbing up. I lost count of the steps.


Delivery boy in Valladolid.


The Cathedral of San Gervasio in Valladolid.


I spent last night in a hanging rope bed, listening to the sounds of the Mayan jungle around me. It was definitely one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had.


Brigido Sarnando hand combing sisal fibre to make rope at Hacienda Sotuta de Peon.


I just went swimming in this cenote (underground river cave) at Sotuta de Peon. I don’t think ‘beautiful’ covers it, so I won’t even try to describe it.


The perfect hammock spot?


Just a couple of skeletons making out.


Looking up at Palace de Municipal from Plaza Grande in Merida.


In Merida, even the horses accessorize.


Paleta (ice pop), anyone?


Turns out the horses accessorize in Izamal too.


I’ve found my calling.


It’s easy to see why Izamal is called the yellow city. Here are the steps of the Convento de San Antonio de Padua Izamal.


Izamal as seen by sombrero horse.


You may now forward my mail here. @palaceresorts


King of the Castle. @palaceresorts


Certainly not what I was expecting to see in Mexico, but my taste buds are pleased. @palaceresorts


Rainy last day in Mexico. @palaceresorts

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