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Last week, I had the chance to explore quite a bit of the beautiful state of Oregon. I started out with five days of hiking and adventuring in the Columbia Rive Gorge, and then three days exploring the Willamette Valley, Eugene and Portland.

This trip was a little different than my usual travels, in that it was mainly Instagram-oriented. I was invited as a guest to explore on of the Seven Wonders of Oregon (my wonder being the Gorge), where I would not only be sharing my experiences on my own Instagram account–but Travel Oregon’s Instagram account as well.

For more Oregon images, check out @traveloregon and #traveloregon.

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Starting Monday, I will be exploring one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon; the Columbia River Gorge. I’ll be taking a road trip out of Portland and up the Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway, checking out some fairly epic waterfalls and hiking ’til my little geology-loving-heart’s content. Not only will I be sharing it all here, but I will be taking over the @traveloregon Instagram account for the week–so be sure to give them a follow (or check out the #traveloregon hash tag) to see an entirely new set of photos that I won’t be posting here.

Spring flowers & water towers — I have arrived in @traveloregon #traveloregon

Good morning from the Columbia River Gorge. I’ve taken over the @traveloregon Instagram account for the week, where I just posted this same photo. I’m going to be posting different photos than I post here, for the most part, but couldn’t help but re-share this shot #traveloregon

A very small portion of the gigantic Multnomah Falls #traveloregon

Peace, Wahclella Falls — this had to be my favourite spot of the day #traveloregon

Delicious cold beer from @thunderislandbrewing + this view = 😀

Thanks to @tullitha for showing me around the Gorge today. I wouldn’t have found all these awesome locations without her help, including the magical Upper Horsetail “Ponytail” Falls seen here #traveloregon

Good morning, from @hoodriveroregon #traveloregon

A day #latergram from Wahclella Falls. Thanks to @tullitha for snapping this one of me yesterday, in my @Nauclothing and @Dannerboots — #traveloregon

It’s spring time in the Gorge #traveloregon

Hiking made better { @dannerboots } #traveloregon

Bike Barn — #traveloregon

Horse selfie, guys.. horse selfie.

Cliffs, mountains, rivers and endless views; Oregon’s a bit of a show-off  — Thanks to @anntrak & @michellechilds for showing me around the Gorge today!

THIS is why I love road-tripping around the Gorge & @thedalleschamber #traveloregon

Alpaca with an attitude; my kind of buddy — #traveloregon @mthoodterritory

GIVEAWAY; Adorable alpaca not included–but, I’m going to choose one of you lucky ducks to take home this awesome pair of @shwoodshop sunglasses! All you have to do is comment, and tell me either A) your best/funniest/most awesome #traveloregon moment or B) how you would plan an epic first trip to the Columbia River Gorge. I will pick the one that either impresses me, makes me jealous or makes me laugh the most. Hint–I love geology & adrenaline. Go!

Lazy day in the Fruit Loop #traveloregon

Gorgeous panoramic mountainscapes behind me, and I get distracted by the farm animals… #traveloregon

There’s no such thing as too many alpaca photos #traveloregon

Sadly, my time in the Columbia River Gorge has come to an end. But, I’m loving Oregon too much to leave, so I’m going to spend the next few days exploring the Willamette Valley. Before I start filling your feeds with wine, food and rolling vineyard landscapes, don’t forget to enter to win this awesome pair of wooden @shwoodshop sunglasses! To enter: comment telling me either A) your best/funniest/most awesome #traveloregon moment or B) how you would plan your epic first trip to the Columbia River Gorge (entries on the alpaca photo will be considered equally)

That time I discovered that Oregon is secretly Tuscany #traveloregon

My afternoon in a nutshell #traveloregon

Sunrise in Tuscany (a.k.a. The Willamette Valley) #traveloregon

I just watched the entire process of this print being made by Robert Canaga, before he signed it and gave it to me #traveloregon

Can you guess the underlying theme of Willamette Valley? #traveloregon @kingestate

Graffiti spotting in Eugene. I can’t get over how–shall we say–quirky this place is. The people are certainly more colourful than this wall, and I like it #traveloregon

Last wine photo, I swear. I’m leaving wine country behind today and heading back to Portland. Here’s a question completely unrelated to this photo; do any of you Oregonians have tattoo shop recommendations in the city? #traveloregon

Spotted one more awesome graffiti wall as I was leaving Eugene and just had to jump out for a photo. Balanced my phone on a coffee cup and made all the people stare as I ran back and forth pressing the timer cam, haha #traveloregon

I <3 the @jupiterhotel so much that I wanna hug it & the tasty welcome ciders — #traveloregon

I’m sure you knew this one was coming #traveloregon

Well, the time has come and I will sadly be leaving Oregon today — However, I know I will be back again and can’t wait to explore even more beyond the Columbia River Gorge and Willamette Valley next time. Don’t forget to continue following @traveloregon to see the rest of the adventurers experience the other six Wonders of Oregon. Lastly, I will announce the winner of the sunglasses tomorrow #traveloregon

Up, up and… @aircanada ; PDX>YVR>YYZ #traveloregon


My Photos on Travel Oregon’s Instagram Gallery:


Whoever named the 7 Wonders of the World somehow missed the Columbia River Gorge. Starting tomorrow, follow along with our guest Instagram photographer @seattlestravels so you don’t miss it, too. #traveloregon

Good morning, Oregon! I’m @seattlestravels and I will be taking over the @traveloregon account for the next few days as I explore the Columbia River Gorge. I’m currently looking out over the Gorge with a view of the Vista House at Crown Point, which I’m about to head over to. I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for the surrounding area #traveloregon

My lack of posting is due to the fact that I’ve been hiking. All day. Conclusion; I kind of love Oregon. Like, a lot. I’ve got lots to share now, first up: Multnomah Falls — @seattlestravels

Do you see it? Even the nature surrounding Wahclella Falls is peaceful. I believe that this little hidden paradise was my favourite spot of the day, it was sooo beautiful #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

One last photo to share for the night; I’d like to thank @tullitha, pictured here beneath Ponytail Falls, for showing me around the Gorge today. She took me to a lot of the places that you guys suggested and knew exactly where to find all the best photo opportunities. Thanks, Tally! #traveloregon

It looks like spring is on the way, in the Columbia River Gorge. In the background, @michellechilds is photographing the panoramic view from Memaloose overlook #traveloregon

Flowery hillsides above the Gorge are made for frolicking. Thanks to @michellechilds for filming #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

Tom McCall Preserve is a great place for a mid-hike rest, in my @dannerboots #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

Made some new friends in the Dalles countryside and fed them a snack #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

Time for your daily dose of cute; this is McKinley, a very friendly nine month old alpaca from Foothills Yarn & Fiber in @mthoodterritory #traveloregon — I’d love your suggestions for the rest of the Fruit Loop area! — @seattlestravels

There’s so much to explore near @mthoodterritory & @Hoodriveroregon — I spent most of the day driving around the Fruit Loop in search of beautiful views. Mission: successful, and then some #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

I’m currently sitting on a grassy hill above @Hoodriveroregon with a panoramic view of the Gorge, the whole town and Mount Hood (that peak in the distance, in front of my knee). It’s absolutely quiet here, the sun is warm and I think I might just relax here until sunset. Who wants to join me? #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

It’s a beautiful & sunny morning, on my last day in the Gorge. I’m sad to leave, but looking forward to the slow drive back down what is arguably one of the prettiest roads in the country #traveloregon Any last minute stops I need to make between Hood River and Portland? — @seattlestravels

One of my fave stops in the Gorge is @thunderislandbrewing. It’s pretty easy to see why, but you’ll have to come taste for yourself — #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

Well guys, my time in the Columbia River Gorge has come to an end. I will leave you with one last fairytale-waterfall shot and let you enjoy the next Wonder of Oregon. Thanks for letting me explore your beautiful State, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back sooner than later #traveloregon — @seattlestravels

Some Snaps of Me:

Photo by @tullitha

Exploring some of my favorite spots in the Gorge with @seattlestravels for the first of the 7 wonders of Oregon today for @traveloregon #traveloregon

Photo by @anntrak

Good times yesterday hanging off cliffs in the gorge. #traveloregon #7wonders

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This trip was made possible by Travel Oregon.
All views & opinions are my own.


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  1. Angela (@angelatravels11)
    March 27, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    Excellent photos. Looks like you had a great trip! Next stop Washington?
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  2. Sonya
    April 16, 2014 at 4:17 pm #

    Awesome visual journey through Oregon! Your Instagram feed is a beauty!

  3. Mark
    December 13, 2016 at 12:59 pm #

    Awesome photos, just like everyone following your travels have come to expect. Well done as usual.

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