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I’d like to introduce Karin and Kieran of K and K Adventures. I met Karin during our first year of University, because we lived in the same dorm and had a lot of mutual friends. Karin and I first traveled to England together, and have been on a few smaller trips around Ontario since then. I met Kieran after he and Karin started dating, and she brought him for a visit back to Canada. A few years down the road, after they moved to Canada, they both moved in to the apartment directly above mine in Toronto. Needless to say, they are very good friends of mine, and I am happy to share this interview with them;


What are your names and what is your blog called?

Karin Ronde and Kieran Moore, our blog is called K and K Adventures.

Where are you from, and how did you meet each other?

We’re both from the UK, and we were introduced while I was still at University through mutual friends, who knew we had a shared interest in Marketing. We went on our first date at a shopping center, exactly half way between our respective towns. Kieran drove me home on the basis that I would know how to get there, except I’m awful with directions and got us completely lost. We still travel together the same way, I get us lost and Kieran figures out the directions. ^KR

Why did you move to Canada?

We both have family here, and Karin had Permanent Residency already. She wanted to move back and I had wanted to move to Canada since I was 18. We thought we’d have a better life in Canada and find more opportunities here. We weighed up all the pros (really, there weren’t many cons), and decided to make the move.  ^KM

What do you like most about Toronto?

Karin – I can bike everywhere and there’s lots to see and do, we still haven’t seen half the city!

Kieran – the space and consistent climate (not as much rain!)

What do you dislike about Toronto?

Karin – I used to love the TTC but lately it’s been frustrating me. That really is the only thing!

Kieran – I’ve found it hard to get a good job, but still working hard at it and I’m hopeful it’ll pay off.

How often do you travel?

When we can! We both work full time but we use our vacation days and weekends as much as possible, and take at least 1-2 big trips a year.

Post your favourite photo of the both of you traveling:

What is your favourite place that you’ve traveled to in Canada, so far?

Kieran –  French River, because of the landscape, geological history  and fishing!

KarinThunder Bay! I loved the scenery and outdoorsy lifestyles the people there lead.

Where do you want to travel to in Canada most?

VANCOUVER! And Churchill to see the polar bears.

What has your best experience in Canada been?

Karin – Getting settled, finding an apartment, sourcing furniture and getting a job felt like such a huge achievement.

Kieran – Traveling around Ontario, I love the scenery and boreal forests.

Post a photo of Karin traveling:

What is your favourite country that you have traveled to?

Karin – South Africa, I always feel like I’m home when I’m there.

KieranVietnam, because it was full of surprises

What country do you want to travel to most?

Karin – Peru, it just seems magical, and I really enjoy hiking.

Kieran– New Zealand because of the varied landscapes and climates all the in same place.

What is one thing that you always travel with?

Karin – My camera. Things I like to remember: lip balm, passport, hairbrush.

Kieran – My passport

If you had to live in one city (other than Toronto) for one year, where would you live?

Karin – Venice, I’d like to learn Italian and eat pizza everyday

Kieran – San Francisco, really would love to explore California, LA etc.

Post a photo of Kieran traveling:



Beach: Cape May, New Jersey beach. Its quiet, the sea is awesome to swim in, and the town is really quaint and beautiful.
Cities: Toronto and Lyon, I like them small but with lots to do.
Football team: Eeer..none. [**editor’s note** I really only stuck this one in for Kieran lol]
Island: Hard to say, I haven’t been to enough islands! I’d love to go to St Lucia.
Culinary destination: Lyon, absolutely hands down the best place for food in the world.
Locals: In Toronto, Savera Indian restaurant, and every British pub that sells more than one type of cider.


Beach: Karon Beach in Phuket Thailand – not as packed as Patong Beach, long golden sand and clear turqoise water.
Cities: Hong Kong, New York City, Barcelona
Football team: Luton Town
Island: That I’ve been to, Rhodes in Greece, that I want to go to, either the Galapagos or the Azores (I love the idea of how it is right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean).
Culinary destination: Someone keeps saying to me Lyon, although I’ve never been there.
Locals: in Toronto…Restaurant – Savera Indian in St Clair West, Pub – haven’t formed a favourite yet, the whole local pub concept just doesn’t feel the same as back in the UK. Area – Dundas Square.

What is one tip that you would give to young travelers?

Don’t wait! Once you have a job/apartment etc. it’ll be so much harder to get away, so just do it! Don’t make excuses, save up and go. You won’t regret it.



Twitter: @kandkadventure


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