Travelling With a Mobile Phone and Making Money



Technology has become a central part of our lives and it’s only getting more and more advanced. A U.N. study concludes that more people in the world have cellular phones than toilets.

The Worldwatch Institute predicts that by early 2014 there will be more cell phone plans than actual people in the world.


A decade ago, most people did not travel around the world with a mobile phone. Today everybody does because technology has become so advanced and affordable.

Have you been to India lately?

The world’s poor third world country has millions of WIFI connections all around the country. You can travel with your smart mobile phone and talk to your family and friends from a simple Indian “daba” restaurant using the Skype app, and it’s free!


A great way to pass those long hours of solo travel is by downloading games to your phone. It used to be the old snake game but now there are millions of games that you can choose from. It has become very popular to download online casino games on mobile phones.

You can actually play, gamble and earn money while you travel! It’s absolutely crazy! For example: 888casino has a great casino app for mobile phones and you can check it out at If you own an android or iOS mobile device and want to make some cash while traveling, then that is the way to go!

This gaming platform has rich graphics and sophisticated features. I found that these casino games can pass the boring parts of traveling quite easily. I recommend giving this download a go.



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