My Vintage Ink

My vintage Ink

You may have noticed that I have a little bit of ink.

I love, love, love tattoos, and tattoo culture. Not only getting them myself, but seeing other people’s ink, and the differences around the world.

One thing that might set me apart from others is that I collect my tattoos as I travel around the world. Most of my work has been done in different countries/states/provinces, including British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia, Finland, Czech Republic, and Costa Rica.

Every tattoo has a personal meaning behind it, and each one has a good story of how and where I got it.

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Travel Tattoos


My first travel tattoos were a set of a world map (done in Vancouver, BC) and compass rose (done in Keswick, ON). The world map is still my favourite til’ this day.


I’ve partnered with Vintage Ink Winesprobably the coolest concept for a wine brand that I’ve ever seen–to share some of my own tattoo stories, as well as introduce an awesome new contest and a couple of fun launch events in Toronto and Vancouver.

Vintage Ink Wine

Wine & tattoos? Yes please.

Tattoo from Okinawa

This is one of my most recent travel tattoos. After some time spent on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, my sensei gifted me with a hand drawn calligraphy piece of art, which roughly translates to “Fly to Asia and remember Okinawa”. I loved the gift, and had it tattooed to my ribs, adding in the red symbol of Okinawa, so I will remember forever.


Contest: Win Your Ink on 500 Bottles

Win your tattoo printed on 500 bottles of wine

Want YOUR tattoo featured on 500 limited edition bottles of Vintage Ink?

1. Upload a photo of your tattoo(s) to Instagram or Twitter, or here
2. @VintageInkWine with with the hastag #myvintageink
3. Have your friends vote for your tattoo by visiting

It’s that simple.

Your tattoo could be chosen as the inspiration for a custom, limited edition label.

I may be partnered with them to help share the contest, but I’m definitely still going to be entering myself. I would absolutely loooove to have one of my tattoos printed on a wine label. I’d want either my sleeve, Thai Sak Yant, or Chief Seattle portrait.

sak yant bamboo

This is a bamboo Sak Yant tattoo from Thailand. The monk that tattoos you decides what design to give you and where it will be placed on your body, without any consultation or warning. I ended up with a Hah Taew design on my left shoulder blade, which displays five rows of magical spells for protection, good luck, love, fortune and success.


There’s more…

Come Out to the Launch Parties:

Enjoy some wine, hang out with some walking art, snap a few photos, and find out if your ink will be famous when they announce the contest winners!



99 Sudbury, at 99 Sudbury Street, on July 11, 2015.


fortunesoundclub_590 (1)

Fortune Sound Club, at 147 East Pender Street, on July 16, 2015.

Come Party!

I’m not going to be able to make it to the Toronto event myself, as I’m living about 3 hours from the city these days, and have to go help my best friend pick out her wedding dress that day–but I’ll definitely be following along with the hash tag for both events.

I’d love to attend a party full of the city’s most inked up people, and drink some good wine.

If you are in either Toronto or Vancouver on these dates, you’re invited to come out to either launch party.

This event is free of charge–so bring all your friends! (19+ only)

Nick Kelis Chief Seattle tattoo

This was the first time that I travelled specifically for the sole purpose of getting a tattoo. I took the bus up to Montreal for a night to get this Chief Seattle portrait (the man I was named after) from artist Nick Kelis, who was in town from London, UK. It’s such a beautiful piece.


@seattlestravels jim morrison tattoo

I probably love Jim Morrison more than most die hard Doors fans. I had this incredible portrait done by Adam Kremer in Prague, Czech Republic, and then the text lyrics above added in later in Toronto.


@seattlestravels travel sleeve tattoo

Another one of my favourites, and largest to date, is my travel themed sleeve. It’s still a work in progress, but so far it consists of passport stamps from Turkey, Iceland, Finland, and Australia that I scanned out of my own passport, with roses that house a series of animals that represent my mother, father, and sister. It is being done by Morgan Macdonald in Toronto. The line at the top of the shoulder is GPS coordinates to the first place I ever travelled (Italy) and the house I grew up in, done in Niagara Falls, ON. The foot you can see says Wanderlust, done in Helsinki, Finland; the other foot is an outline of the Hawaiian Islands, done in Maui, Hawaii.


@seattlestravels with Wade at Bruce Peninsula

My boyfriend Wade has even more ink than I do. If I couldn’t get my own ink on a bottle, I’d love to see his on one instead! I prefer to get black and grey, but I still love how colourful his are!



Good luck!

Feel free to tag me @seattlestravels on either Instagram or Twitter if you enter the contest, or attend the event. I’d love to see your entries, or check out the party from afar!

Open to residents of BC & ONT only.
Find all Rules & Regs here.

Do You Have Any Ink?

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  1. Brooke
    June 30, 2015 at 5:50 pm #

    I’m intrigued to see what your final sleeve tattoo themed with travel will look like! I have ideas for tattoos, but I’m super afraid to get one done. I’d love to have one of my middle name since I know the symbol and the meaning behind it. The tattoo from Thailand is definitely my favorite.

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