Whirlpool Jet Boat on the Niagara River

niagara whirlpool jet boat

One more time!” Our guide called out as the boat did a 360.

We charged forward, making our way back up the river against the raging current. Turning again, we prepared ourselves to plunge back into the angry rapids before us.

With three large bobs and a quick jaunt forward our boat teetered on the edge of what can only be described as a deep valley of churning water.

No, no, no!” I yelled.

I knew what was about to happen and as excited as I was, I couldn’t help but let out a terrified scream.

Big mistake.

Just as I opened my mouth the boat plummeted downward, crashing into a wall of water that simultaneously filled the entire boat with such force that it knocked me backward.

niagara whirlpool jet boat

It felt like I had just been punched in the face by a wave and in my moment of shock I probably swallowed at least half of the Niagara River.

The boat must have literally gone under the wave, because there was so much water inside the boat that I began to float toward my seat mate. I held on tight and let out another gurgling scream.

niagara whirlpool jet boat

The boat surfaced, drained and I spit out the last mouth full of water before I began to laugh hysterically.

I looked over at my friends who were absolutely drenched and could only imagine that I resembled a drowned raccoon with black mascara running down my cheeks. I couldn’t hold in the laughter.

Even in the moments of extreme wave-punching soakage, I had an absolutely amazing time.

We laughed, we screamed and we became honorary Niagara fishes as we battled our way through Devil’s Hole Rapids and the rest of the Niagara River.

All of my visits to Niagara Falls had always been rather calm with the usual stops at the Falls themselves and other laid back attractions around town.

You can imagine my surprise to learn that something that provided such an incredible rush of adrenaline was available and I could hardly wait to try it out for myself.


niagara whirlpool jet boat





The entire experience was spread out over a couple of hours between the bus ride to the docks, safety preparations, the ride itself, changing and riding the bus back.

It’s a whole production where they take care of you every step of the way and make sure you’re having a good time. The staff make a point of talking with each guest and clearly love their jobs.

You have the choice of fashioning yourself in a very stylish bright yellow jumpsuit, or you can go without, as I did. Of course, you must wear a life jacket and water shoes.









The Niagara Falls Whirlpool Jet Boat tour definitely tops my list of all time favourite experiences in Niagara Falls and I would gladly do it all over again. Maybe with a little less mascara next time.

I was a guest of Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours.
All views and opinions are my own.

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5 Responses to “Whirlpool Jet Boat on the Niagara River”

  1. Ryan
    September 26, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

    Hilarioussssssss. Totally gave me a chuckle when I envisioned your wet raccoon face. What a rebel you are not wearing the yellow jumpsuit, looked like you were the only one.
    Ryan recently posted..How Travel Made Life Vivid Again and helped Re-Capture the Colour

    • Seattle Dredge
      September 27, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

      Hahah.. it was almost like getting caught in a freak rainstorm :p

  2. Zoe Amy
    September 30, 2013 at 3:05 am #

    I did jet boating just recently at the Gold Coast in Australia. It was aaaaawesome.
    Zoe Amy recently posted..How to Not Give a Fuck About What People Think of You

    • Seattle Dredge
      October 1, 2013 at 10:14 am #

      Ah, I went jet boating for my first time a bit further South in NSW! It was sooo crazy, the waves were enormous and I was terrified of falling out for sharks to get me the whole time hahah

  3. River Dredging
    December 17, 2013 at 6:50 am #

    Wow, I think you have enjoyed boating on Niagara river.I have never done boating in my life but I want to do it.It’s one of my dream to do boating in river.I am very jealous of you because you have enjoyed that moment of life which I also want to enjoy in life.Your swimmming jackets are looking very nice.It’s very important to wear clothes which are necessary for boating because any thing can happen while boating.

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