Magadalena Grand Resort @seattlestravels

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort

I’ve been to Tobago a few times now (and Trinidad many times), but my stay at Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort was definitely one of my...

How To Plan The Ultimate Trip To Mexico

There are few things better than spending any amount of time in Mexico, but it can be made even better with the right plans. Here is an extensive...

10 Things You Can do to Keep Yourself Busy on an Airplane @seattlestravels

10 Things You Can Do to Keep Yourself Busy on an Airplane

We have all experienced it; that long haul flight where you feel like you couldn’t bare another single second of sitting in that torture device...

10 Ways To Live It Up In The Riviera Maya

10 Ways To Live It Up In The Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is arguably the most luxurious region of Mexico, and one of the best places to visit in the world if you’re hoping to really...

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World is in Mexico

The Yucatan peninsula juts out into the Caribbean Sea and makes an ideal destination for sun-seekers who want to spend their holidays in Mexico. But...

100 Things to Do in Norfolk County @seattlestravels

100 Things To Do in Norfolk County

While I find myself living over in Bruce County these days, I was born and raised in Norfolk County, and still consider myself a true Norfolk County...

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