Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

It’s no secret–I love sea turtles–and I’ve talked about them quite a bit on this blog. There was the time I snorkelled with...

Oregon Through Instagram

Last week, I had the chance to explore quite a bit of the beautiful state of Oregon. I started out with five days of hiking and adventuring in the...

Jamaica Through Instagram

Earlier this month I spent some time in Kingston, Jamaica, where I participated in the Kingston City Run, explored the Blue Mountains, enjoyed a...

The Kingston City Run

You may recall that I announced that I would be running in the Kingston City Run and doing the 5k (5.6 km, technically) around Kingston, Jamaica. I...

Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge Video

Over five days, I Instagramed & filmed my way all through Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge–one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon–from...

I’m Going to Costa Rica with Contiki

That’s right–I’m going to Costa Rica in a few days, and I couldn’t be happier to be travelling with Contiki once again! If...

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