Costa Rica Unplugged Video

As I type this, I’m currently hanging out in the small surf town of Jaco, on the West coast of Costa Rica. I’ve been in Costa Rica for...

The Columbia River Gorge in Photos

I’ve shared with you Oregon through Instagram and a slo-mo video of the Gorge, but I would now like to share my (DSLR) photos of the Columbia...

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

It’s no secret–I love sea turtles–and I’ve talked about them quite a bit on this blog. There was the time I snorkelled with...

Oregon Through Instagram

Last week, I had the chance to explore quite a bit of the beautiful state of Oregon. I started out with five days of hiking and adventuring in the...

Jamaica Through Instagram

Earlier this month I spent some time in Kingston, Jamaica, where I participated in the Kingston City Run, explored the Blue Mountains, enjoyed a...

The Kingston City Run

You may recall that I announced that I would be running in the Kingston City Run and doing the 5k (5.6 km, technically) around Kingston, Jamaica. I...

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