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It was 1:30 in the morning and I dragged myself across a foggy clearing between the Pearson Skytrain and the hotel that I would be spending the night. A large colorful mosaic shone like a beacon in the mist, calling me to bed.

I trudged into the lobby with my heavy backpack and made my way to the front desk. I was immediately greeted by the cheerful receptionist and within mere seconds held the key to my room. I blinked with sleepy confusion over how quickly it happened, but happily accepted and headed to the elevator.

I waved my key in front of the door and walked into a long hall way, dropping my bag and boots at the door. I turned the corner, passing the bathroom door and walking into the main room. A large bed faced a flat screen television and work area that rested beside a large set of windows behind an impressive Italian leather chair.

Design & Technology

The room was incredibly modern and the design reflected that, down to the light switches. The painting on the wall matched the colour of the floor’s hallway, each floor in the hotel sporting a different colour. The continuity rolled on through other tiny details, such as the colour of the glasses. My floor (the 11th) was blue.

An iHome docking station sat beside the bed for charging use and the option to personal music. A connection system is roosted beneath the television for easy access to files on your laptop or external drives.


I leaned across the bed to place my laptop on the shelf behind, and let out a sound of surprise as I knelt forward. I was suddenly falling into the absolute most comfortable bed I have ever come into contact with in my life.

I nearly dropped the laptop as I flung myself forward into the pile of down pillows–which were somehow even fluffier than the bed. I flipped onto my back and literally laughed out loud at my actions as I rolled around beneath the layer of feather pillows.

Travelling as often as I do, I have slept in a lot of different hotels. A LOT. I can say that this was hands down the most comfortable of them all.


As I pulled myself away from the bed, I noticed a glass wall. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was the other side of the shower. Standing in the middle of the main bedroom area, I could see right into the shower. I smirked at the thought of staying here with someone else, knowing that there would be very little privacy in taking a shower. Shower walls are overrated anyway.

Taking this opportunity to see the rest of the bathroom, I crossed back over the room and entered the swinging doors onto a black ceramic tiled floor. To my left appeared a scene from a locker room, with a wide bench and hooks for towels or robes. To my right was a large sink, a toilet and all of the essential bathroom materials.

The shower itself was perfect. Having eventually used it the next morning, I can tell you that I never wanted to leave. As I washed my hair, I also watched the morning news from the television in the other room. The round rain shower feature kept me prisoner until I finally realized that I was going to be late for check out.

The best part of all was the Argan shampoo and condition dispensers installed in the shower. Having just returned from Morocco, including a mission to find the elusive Argan oil, I personally know how rare and expensive the product really is. I was thoroughly impressed that all of their products were made with Argan oil (including the body wash, hand soap and cream).


The ALT Hotels aren’t only about art and design, they are equally ecologically responsible  Take their heating and cooling systems for example–step over Ieland–ALT uses geothermal energy in powering their environment along with other measures to retain heat, such as thermal windows with low emission rates, ventilation exhaust and water used in commercial washers.

ALT features energy efficient and remote lighting in the room and sensored lights in the hallways. All products in the room can be reused, refilled or recycled, and each room holds a recycling bin. Talk about an environmentally friendly hotel!


After checking out of my room the next morning, I decided to stick around the hotel for awhile longer. I had a train to catch in the afternoon, so I thought it would be nice to hang out in the common area.

I explored the front seating area, having a little fun by twirling around in the hanging basket chair. I admired the electronic fire place and noted the apple and PC desktops in the corner.

The rest of the hotel was adorned in wonderful designs and art, and there were so many other small details that really caught my attention. Not only was each floor a different colour, but the meeting rooms were named after colours.

Brightly painted wall sported trendy travel and map decals that I just about hugged right on the spot. I wanted to take these very walls and replace them into my own bedroom.

Social Media

I was really interested in the colourful photo installation beside the front desk. Not only was it a treat to loo at, but there was actually quite a story behind it. Prior to opening the hotel, the public had been asked to submit their favourite photos of different colours, via ALT’s social media pages. A different colour was provided each day during the month, and one winner was selected each day (thereby winning a weekend at the hotel).

In the end there were hundreds of photographs and they were all arranged in a beautifully shaded mosaic in the lobby. Among the small squares, larger plaques feature the winning photographs. Even more unique are the small screens which are placed along the centre of the wall. Each screen holds a pattern of photos that seem to pop up at random, but are actually generated by Instagram.

Instagram users can use the hashtag #ALTexpo on any photo that they upload to instagram, and it will appear on this very wall within 3 seconds. 3 seconds! I thought it was so cool, that I just had to try it out for myself. I utilized the hashtag and waited… It worked! My photo appeared right in front of my eyes and I was blown away at the intricate social media genius on such stunning art-piece.


There was a large self-serve kitchen/restaurant area, where you could choose from a variety of foods, or prepare your own in the oven or microwave. The hotel ad their own brand of sandwiches, soups and every right down to hard boiled eggs. I ended up getting a delicious turkey panini for lunch, and ate every bite.

I almost never wanted to leave the ALT hotel, and I am positive that I will return. As a frequent traveller, I pass through the Toronto Pearson Hotel on a regular basis. I’ve stayed at the majority of the hotels there, and none of them can even hold a candle to the ALT Hotel. I know that I will never go back to drab after experiencing the ultimate fab ;]


Seattle’s Travels Reader PERK

Simply mention this blog post when making your reservation and you will also receive a $10 voucher to use toward any of the fresh and healthy items in the hotel’s ALTcetera menu, items such as delicious freshly baked croissants in the morning, the most flavourful gazpacho North of the 401 or, my the curry & coconut milk chicken.

Reservations can be made over the phone at 1.855.855.6080 or enter promo code BLOGPERK when reserving online at

My experience was made possible by ALT Hotels. 
All views and opinions are my own.

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